All thanks to highly developed consumer electronics.

It has been known for a long time that all passenger cars with each new generation are becoming more and more comfortable, whether due to such improvements as the pneumatic suspension adapting to the road or various systems such as traction control, braking assistance, anti-lock braking, or even such an obvious matter as a dusk sensor, which today will turn on the appropriate lights for us, adapted to the external conditions on the road. All this thanks to the so-called comfort modules, but what are they really? In short, these are electronic controllers that nowadays hardly differ from computers.

Simply put, the comfort module is an element in the car that, based on data obtained by various sensors, affects the operation of various systems available in our cars.

For example, how does climatronics work? It is a system of maintaining appropriate air conditions inside the car, which, based on sensors such as an outside temperature sensor, an inside temperature sensor, an air quality sensor or an air humidity sensor, adjusts the function of the air system inside the car to the temperature specified by the user. Blowing force, A / C compressor on, air flow direction, closed or open circuit. All these features are automatically activated by the comfort module after receiving information from all sensors. Another example is the automatic light system, thanks to which the driver does not have to worry about what lights he has to turn on. Everything happens automatically, thanks to the dusk sensor that feeds information to the light module. So if you are looking for the right comfort module for your car, check out the website -box-bsi and you will surely find the product you are interested in. Remember that you have to choose the right module for your car.