The principle of operation of the steering system in vehicles

The steering system must be efficient in every car, because its task will be to transfer the steering movement to the steering axle. In this case, the driver can freely control the direction of travel, now assist systems are used, thanks to which we can turn the steering wheel with one hand, also turn the wheels in place. It is certainly one of the most convenient systems that we can find in our cars, remember that several dozen years ago, assistance systems were not installed in production cars.

How does the vehicle’s steering system work?

Of course, the steering wheel needs a proper connection with the axle, in this case it will be a steering rod, a rack is also used, connections that allow you to shift the rotation at an angle. It is worth remembering that the steering rod is constructed in such a way that in the event of an accident or a frontal impact, it breaks in such a way that the steering wheel does not harm the driver. Naturally, the power steering system needs a suitable pump, the most common are hydraulic pumps that run on a V-belt.

The pump also has an appropriate sensor that indicates the position of the steering wheel, thanks to which we can use precise control of the pump, then the rotation in the right direction is selected. The power steering pump has a motor, the controller also has a housing, which should be tight, in the case of hydraulic systems, pay attention to the pressure. Of course, there may be some problems, during operation, in the event of a controller failure, the pump may run all the time, which can lead to overheating of the fluid. Then we can receive a warning on the dashboard. Naturally, there may also be a leakage, the entire system will not function properly, the appropriate force will not be generated. In this case, we will feel that the steering wheel is slightly heavier. In addition, we can feel some bumps on the steering wheel or we notice that the power steering works in leaps and bounds once in a while.

There are of course new and refurbished power steering pumps available at Power steering pump . In the case of older cars, we can buy a reconditioned pump, which will work perfectly in our car. In this case, important movable elements were replaced, the play was eliminated and the entire housing was sealed. Thanks to this, we can save a bit, in addition, it is worth noting that some older pump models may not be produced anymore. Therefore, the purchase of a remanufactured model may be the only way out of the situation.