Air suspension control unit – useful information

The group of important systems and systems installed in motor vehicles includes, inter alia, the suspension. It is responsible for the effective resistance and damping of various shocks related to driving through holes and unevenness. Proper operation of the suspension significantly affects the condition of the vehicle and the safety and comfort of users. The classic suspension has a structure with various springs and linkages. In addition, the vehicles are fitted with air suspensions replacing such springs. Such solutions are therefore characterized by a comprehensive structure.

Air suspension and its controls

Currently, in modern, as well as older vehicle designs, the growing popularity of air suspension can be noticed. This system is installed in trucks, buses, vans and various makes and models of passenger vehicles. The advantage of this type of suspension is the possibility of setting its stiffness and height by the driver from the cabin. In addition, very advanced structures use modern control units that allow for automatic adjustment of the suspension to the prevailing driving conditions.

Changing the height or stiffness of the suspension is possible thanks to the control devices. Such pieces of equipment can function properly due to the dense network of sensors and other components. It is thanks to them that the driver has a full picture of the prevailing driving conditions and can adjust the suspension system to them, as well as to the settings selected by the car user. This electronic solution is advanced and used in many types of vehicles.

Of course, the control units, like other elements of the air suspension, are subject to wear, various damage and breakdowns. Therefore, it is necessary to repair or replace it. The good news is that you can find many offers on the market, such as They include various types of controllers to suit the air suspension fitted to a wide variety of makes and models of passenger cars, vans, trucks and more.